When my A.S.S Took Over – A Story of Anti-Synthetase Syndrome

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When my A.S.S Took Over – A Story of Anti-Synthetase Syndrome

I feel there is a certain amount of curiosity with regard to my story and just what is going on. But allow me please to clear something up immediately. The story I am sharing with you now is not my story. If it were my story, I would be the victor. I would be in control. MY story would be exciting, fun and maybe a little scandalous. This story is uncertain, turbulent and not exactly the story I had hoped to tell. This story is the derailing of my story, the end of life as I knew it, hoped it and planned for it to be. So, no, this is not MY story, but I am in this story, it is the story of Me and It, It and I, my body and my cage. This is the story…

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Concepts for Project One


The artist Mike Winkelmann, who posts very regularly on his site http://www.beeple-crap.com, posted a looped piece of a neon style city created within Cinema 4D that looked amazing. He posts a lot of his work on his site in the forms of project files for users to download and take apart to understand how he arrived at the final stage.

Here’s a link to the loop: https://vimeo.com/151906746

I’m thinking of something around the same style for my own project.

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Launching soon!

Welcome, new-comers!

My name’s Fin, and today I wanted to share with you all that this blog will be in full-thrust by this time next week!

You can expect to see my portfolio as it grows, my inspirations and fun tutorials that I find helpful around the web.